Hi there! My name is Briana Luders and I am the photographer behind For the Love of Juneau Photography!

First things first, I know you’re wondering about the name of my business. Nope, it’s not the name of the movie (ahem, that’s spelled differently). It’s not even named after the Alaskan city. It’s named after my dog, a cute little cockapoo! Once a spoiled little only-dogger, she now has another cockapoo sister (Scout) and a human sister on the way. So if you are a lover of dogs, wedding photos, and a few jokes from behind the camera, read on!

I’m an Atlanta native who loves capturing all the beauty of our city. Show me a gorgeous wedding venue or a cool new engagement session location, and I’m in heaven.

My husband, Chris, and I got married in 2011, and I realized just how much I adored the wedding photography industry. All of my hard work planning my perfect day would have been lost without the photos captured by my photographer. The quality of those photos has a big impact on how you remember that day, and it’s my job to make sure you remember it in the most beautiful way possible.

I like to be friends with my brides and make you feel at ease – both by helping you stay organized and by keeping our time together light-hearted. So let’s grab a coffee and chat about your big day!